Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979)

A Star Trek movie was inevitable after the popular television series of the 1960’s made ripples, especially among science fiction fans of the time. Particularly, the likeable cast was a huge asset, and in this first Star Trek feature movie, the original cast returned.

As ever, the happy threesome of friends, Captain James Kirk (William Shatner), Doctor McCoy (DeForest Kelly), and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) from the planet Vulcan, all exude a natural chemistry, with the supporting players winsomely returning from the television series.

Not at all shabby in the execution either, which gives us something to leisurely think about as an encroaching force, evil or good, and identity unknown, is heading for earth. The story draws out proceedings to make something of a nice pace, a happy flight through space, without getting overly excited and subtle suspense right through.

Despite evolutionary references, something of the story is about the creature joining with the Creator and how scientific knowledge is not the sole requirement for knowing God (although Kirk seems to be committing a bit starship idolatry when he’s about to board the ship) .

The technique is well-done, perhaps on a scale of the epic, broad science fiction movies, and there is a pleasing sense of spectacle and wonder.

Also published 2020,

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